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Electro Thermal Link – ETL®

Designed to substantially improve life safety and minimize property damage.

The Electro Thermal Link – ETL® is a multipurpose dual responsive fusible link / release device. The fusible link portion functions identically to that of an ordinary fusible link. When the ambient temperature approaches the rated temperature, the solder alloy melts and link halves separate. Additionally, electrical actuation (0.2 ampere minimum trip current applied for 50 millisecond minimum duration) starts a chemical reaction, which heats the core and causes separation of the fusible link in 6 to 10 seconds at ambient temperature.

The ETL was designed to substantially improve life safety and minimize property damage by providing an instantaneous fusible link response and separation in the event of a fire or smoke. The SR Products ETL has the additional capability to respond to any type of detector or circuit capable of supplying a short duration current impulse. The design allows for substitution or retrofit of ordinary fusible links or other actuators and release devices installed in: dampers, doors, roof hatches, towers, extinguishing systems, and inert chemical or gas release systems. Click here for a list of use applications.

The inherent major advantage of the ETL over other products is dually redundant dormancy.

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